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Chris and John Bowling
Chris and John Bowling

Bow Finishing as a partnership began in 1989 on the back of the booming Classic car market,but as the 80s were drawing to a close, recession took hold. Before that,however, the careers of both my brother Chris on the left and me John on the right were set on different paths.


Chris, having studied Modern Fretted Instrument making at the London College of Furniture and me Graphic Design at St. Martins and then Bath Academy of Art, at that point had no intention of working together. Chris, out of necessity had to finish the guitars he was building and myself as a Commercial Artist in London needed a steady income and maybe a change.


The year was 1986 and both now self employed, an opportunity to work together at a small Polyestering firm in Wandsworth, presented itself.' Blossom Reproductions' was run by its owner Clive Cherry, under whose guidance we spent several happy years working at the time with guitars and car interior woodwork. This not only provided a chance for us to learn a trade and to get to grips with the finishing business  but also for Chris to finish his guitars.


The sprayer at the time was the late Mick Dearing; just one of the many characters we met that would leave a lasting impression. Others include; Bernie Goodfellow 'GB Guitars', Ian Waller 'Electric Wood', Robert Jankel, 'Robert Jankle Design', Rob Green, 'Status Basses', Dave Bourne, 'Martin Guitars, and Barry Gibson, 'Burns Guitars'.


The time spent at Blossom Reproductions prepared us for the diverse nature of the finishing business, but more importantly the standard and quality of finish required. As our understanding increased we soon realised that combining our talents and starting our own company together, in spite of the looming recession was no longer out of the question.


Twenty four years on and that decision to work together has been vindicated. We still enjoy what we do and although the type of work may have changed, we have still managed to retain a loyal customer base.


With the economic climate as it is, Bow Finishing Ltd, has adapted and improved, consequently the services we now offer have increased to include guitar repairs, custom finishing, graphics, set ups, and manufacture.


We are one of only a handful of companies in the country to offer this kind of specialist service and we promise a professional, high quality, individually tailored product which will not disappoint.

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